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Title: Drag and Lift
Author: Cantarina
Rating: Teen
Length: 3042 words
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Characters: Sam Carter and Cam Mitchell
Summary: At the Academy, they say that Cadet Carter is all math and that Cadet Mitchell is all instinct. Also, that he's a show-off and a bit of an ass.

Notes: Written for the [ profile] clubstargate 2011 gift exchange for [personal profile] skieswideopen. Full notes at the original post.

At my journal
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Signups for Cam Alphabet Soup are now live. Letters can be claimed over at LJ (to avoid accidental simultaneous requests for the same letter), but the Soup will be archived in full here on Dreamwidth. If you're interested in writing at least 100 words of gen fic on canon Cam, please join us!

I'm not familiar with any Cam-specific comms, but if you know of any, please leave me a link here (or boost the signal yourself).

And as a reminder, [community profile] sg1genrecs is still running the female friendship fics theme. If you're interested in contributing (you don't need to be a member of the comm to post), please follow the link.
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Twelve prompted drabbles, twelve glimpses of Cameron Mitchell. Eras range from pre-series through Unending. Assume spoilers for S9-10.

Speaking of Cam
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Title: First Step, Faith
Characters: John Sheppard, Cameron Mitchell
Pairing: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell
Rating: PG
Word count: 4,896
Setting: Post series for both shows
Summary: Their first date is fifteen years too late, but they make it count.

First Step, Faith
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Five ep-related drabbles on the guys of the Gate: Previously, on Stargate SG-1, part 2. Rated G.

November's monthly roundup includes links to posted fics and meta entries as well as ten gen recs.
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Written for the Cam Trope Ficathon, whose annual mission is to make certain that Cameron Mitchell gets subjected to all the mind whammys, gender swaps, bouts of hypothermia and AMTDI that the original team enjoyed so much. :-)

Title: Feathering the Nest
Author: Sid
Pairing/main characters: Cameron Mitchell/Daniel Jackson
Other characters: Sam, Teal'c, Carolyn Lam, General Landry. Special guest star: General O'Neill
Rating: PG
Word count: ~7,300
Prompt: mpreg
Summary: Cam’s behavior is unusual – and the reason behind it is even more unusual
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Title: Raining Here, With You
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Cameron/Daniel
Setting: Season 9, spoilers for Ethon
Note: Sequel to And Always Find My Place.

Summary: It takes a while but Cam figures out what is building up inside him while taking care of Daniel.
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Title: Ophiucus Rising
Author: [personal profile] slybrarian
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Cam Mitchell(, Sam Carter(Jolinar), Martouf(Lantash), various other Tok'ra and Tau'ri
Pairings: background Sam/Martouf(Jolinar/Lantash)

Summary: Critically injured during the Battle of Antarctica, Cameron Mitchell faces spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Sam Carter, his oldest friend and host to Jolinar of Malkshur, gives him another choice: become a Tok'ra host. He takes a chance and accepts. Now he must adapt to sharing his body with another person, even while trying to make a place for himself at Stargate Command.

Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] dossier for beta services, as always. Written for Summer of Stargate.

Ophiucus Rising
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Title: Seeing Double
Author: [personal profile] slybrarian
Pairings: Mitchell/Sheppard^2
Rating: Adult
Words: 1,234
Series: Kink Bingo Entry - Mirror
Contains: Sex that falls somewhere between incest and masturbation.

Summary: In which Cam discovers that falling into alternate universes can have benefits.

(It took roughly four hours for John to end up in bed with himself.)
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Title: No Fixed Abode
Author: [personal profile] slybrarian
Pairings: Mitchell/Sheppard, various minor references
Rating: Teen
Words: 17,000
Series: AU - Discontinuity

Summary: Ten points of day-to-day life, during a few otherwise unremarkable months. Featuring: bribery, Mitchell holidays, beach parties, Asgard, and flirting.

(No Fixed Abode)
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(I know some - maybe most - of you here have seen this, but I only just found the comm and figured I should put something for archival purposes, if nothing else.)

Title: SnaG-22
Author: [personal profile] slybrarian, with art by [personal profile] sadiane
Genre: Action/Adventure with a side of het and slash
Characters: Evan Lorne, Neill Jackson, Sam and Dean Winchester, plus the usual suspects
Pairings: minor Dean/Freya, Lorne/Parrish, Sheppard/Mitchell, Thor/No One, We Hope.
Rating: R
Words: 62,000
Series: Discontinuity

Summary: Being the adventures of SG-22, newly reformed after the previous team by that designation met a messy squid-related end. Join Major Evan Lorne, team leader, Neill Jackson, undersized engineer, and Sam and Dean Winchester, utterly unqualified civilians, as they venture into the galaxy to explore and fight evil. Features Tolkien refugees, Lantean exiles and their botanists, implied pilot/pilot love, Supreme Commander Thor, and an increasingly annoyed General Landry.

(Killing things, saving people... apparently space travel, too.)
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