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Tok'ra Kree round 4 has finished posting, and a masterlist has been made. The result of the round was 7 wonderful fics!

You can find the masterlist here:

The fifth round will begin sometime in May. We hope to see both old and new participants then!

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Twenty-eight different fics on Jacob Carter, rated G to PG-13, by 24 different authors. Story lengths range from 100 words to over 3,000 words. Spoilers for the entire series through Threads.

All fics are gen and canon-compliant.

Jacob Alphabet Soup
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The round-up for yesterday's SG-1 Gen Fic Day is posted, including links to six new fics, two older fics, and six recs.

Round-up for Gen Fic Day
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Title: Road Trip: SG-1 Style by Cowardly Lion
Type: Comic
Genre: Gen, humour
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Length: 9 pages

Synopsis: Remember how much fun it was to go on road trips with your family when you were a kid? SG-1 with the addition of Jacob gets the chance to re-discover the fun. Sort of.

Note: This comic features the classic team of Jack, Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c with the added bonus of Jacob/Selmak. This is gen and has been rated G. There are nine pages, each of which is 816 x 1056 so I've broken it into three parts for those readers on slower connections. The link is to the first part. You can click through to each part after that.

Road Trip: SG-1 Style by Cowardly Lion
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Please comment here if you can't find an appropriate tag for your announcement in our list of available tags.


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