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Thirteen prompted drabbles, thirteen glimpses of Jonas. Assume spoilers from Meridian through Ark of Truth.

Speaking of Jonas
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Monthly round-up of fics and recs can be found here.

It's Jonas Quinn's turn in the Speaking of SG-1 series. I'm looking for gen drabble prompts. Please leave your prompt here.
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Five ep-related drabbles on the guys of the Gate: Previously, on Stargate SG-1, part 2. Rated G.

November's monthly roundup includes links to posted fics and meta entries as well as ten gen recs.
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Wednesday, April 7th, is SG-1 Gen Fic Day over at [personal profile] fignewton. On that day, everyone is welcome to link to new fic, older fic, comment fic and drabbles, recs, meta, picspam, vids - anything, as long as it's gen and related to SG-1. Shameless self-promotion is cheerfully encouraged! :)

At the same time, we'll also be serving Jonas Alphabet Soup. Participants will post links to their fic (100 words minimum) at the Gen Fic Day post, and on Thursday, two entries will be posted: one that rounds up all the Gen Fic Day links, and one that collates all 26 Jonas Alhabet Soup ficlets into one delightful anthology.

For a better idea of how this works, feel free to explore previous Gen Fic Days and Alphabet Soups. Soup participants might want to double-check the detailed instructions for posting. And if you'd like to participate, there's still one letter left to claim for Jonas Alphabet Soup - and, of, course, anything on any gen SG-1 topic is welcome, too. :)
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Gen fic: Jonas Quinn dreams of Daniel Jackson, or maybe he doesn't. A little bit of angst set just before Redemption. 1,350 words. PG.

Well Met at Midnight
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The ninth Alphabet Soup will be taking place on April 7th. 26 different authors write a gen ficlet of a minimum of 100 words, each based on a different letter of the alphabet. This time, the subject is Jonas Quinn.

There are still ten letters left to claim. The sign-ups are over at LJ, but the Alphabet Soup anthology will be posted in full here on Dreamwidth. If you're interested, I hope you'll join us!

Jonas Alphabet Soup sign-ups
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Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)

Five Fix-Its That Weren't. Five drabbles of fix-its that didn't happen to Sam, Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, and Jonas. Includes specific spoilers for Full Circle, 1969, and Meridian, with a bit of random Jack and Sam friendship and pre-series Teal'c and Bra'tac thrown in for good measure. Rated G.

All in the Timing. The team may be waiting, but Daniel's not ready to rush things. Teal'c, as always, trumps everyone else. Rated G. 1,015 words.

Canon vs. Fanon, part 20: Infirmary fanon, part 2. Latest part of an ongoing (if infrequent) series that contrasts common fanon with actual canon.
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The round-up for yesterday's SG-1 Gen Fic Day is posted, including links to six new fics, two older fics, and six recs.

Round-up for Gen Fic Day
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Please comment here if you can't find an appropriate tag for your announcement in our list of available tags.


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