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[community profile] sg1genrecs has a new rec theme: female friendship fics. If you're interested in contributing (you don't need to be a member of the comm to post), please follow the link.

A short Teal'c and Jack early friendship piece, rated G: Guidance.

I forgot to link this fic from a while back: Five Crossovers that Didn't Happen to SG-1. What if they'd been sent back (or forward) to a different time period than 1969? 2,950 words. Rated PG.

A round-up of two months' worth of gen recs: Sha're, Sam and Daniel friendship, and Five Things.
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The [community profile] sg1friendathon Ficathon Frenzy week has ended. Here's the Ficathon Frenzy master list.

My own contribution was Your Regularly Scheduled Programming. Another prison breakout, another squabble. Sam and Teal'c friendship with background Jack and Daniel friendship (sort of). No spoilers, any season. 700 words. Rated G.
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Chug When They Reverse the Polarity. Sam and Janet and the nature of movie choices. No spoilers (outside Cassie's existence), any season. 550 words. Rated G.

Purple Beaches and Green Bikinis. SG-1 brings its unique touch to everything, even a day at the beach. Jack and Teal'c friendship, teamy goodness, and Hammond awesomeness. ~935 words. Rated G.
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For All Your Beauty Needs - humorous gen fic in which matriarchal planets aren't as much fun as Sam expects, Teal'c is his usual awesome self, Daniel has way too much fun being snarky, and Jack gets his comeuppance for Simarka. PG.

Roundup of recs from June, with a few extra links thrown in.

SG-1 Friendathon has gone live!

[community profile] sg1genrecs completed the lost episode theme run and has now started a new one: Jack friendship recs.
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Title: The First Cut Is the Deepest
Author: Dira Sudis
Characters: Teal'c, Jack, Sam, and Daniel (gen)
Word Count: 950
Warning: Graphic description of paper cuts

The Tau'ri's paper was as unexpectedly dangerous as they were themselves. Teal'c raised his eyebrows, impressed.

The First Cut Is the Deepest
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Daniel idly speculates on Ancient influence on the human psyche. Very vague references to events through much of the show, but no real spoilers. 520 words. Rated G.

Dial it Up, Daniel


Sam reflects on her working relationship and friendship with Teal'c, with some bonus Sam and Daniel friendship thrown in for good measure. Set in early S2, with some spoilers for COTG and Bloodlines. 819 words. Rated G.

Seeking Definition
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Title: Better Luck Next Time
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Categories: team, humor
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Word count: 1,060
Warnings: slightly messy Goa'uld death

Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

Summary: A Goa'uld thinks he has created the inescapable trap. He really ought to know better.

Better Luck Next Time
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The tenth Alphabet Soup will be served on July 8th. There are still three letters available to claim. If you are interested in writing at least 100 words of gen fic on any version of the team, please go here and claim a letter!

(The claims post is on LJ, but SG-1 Gen Fic Day runs on both sites and the Alphabet Soup anthology will be posted in full only here on DW.)
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Gen fic: When the team comes under attack, Sam uses any weapons she can get. Slightly silly teamy goodness plus General Hammond, set in S4 but with no real spoilers. 843 words.

Shake Vigorously for Best Results
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Two gen fics written in the last week: the first is fluffy and teamy, the second is shameless crackfic.

Sports Night. 712 words. G. Hockey has its good points, but Sam has her own preferences. Teamy goodness with an added dash of Jack and Daniel silliness and Teal'c pwnage. No spoilers, any season.

Where the Future Is Being Made Today. 1,480 words. G. They were looking for Furlings, and they found... This is classic team meets The Muppet Show, so yes, crackfic is pretty much a given. :)
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Title: DuckCat
Rating: G/Family
Characters: Classic Team
Spoilers/Warnings: Early SG-1, no specific
Category: Team, Gen, Crackfic, Humor
Word Count: ~700

Summary: Who's messing with whom?

Crackfic off an icon inspiration.

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Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)

Five Fix-Its That Weren't. Five drabbles of fix-its that didn't happen to Sam, Daniel, Jack, Teal'c, and Jonas. Includes specific spoilers for Full Circle, 1969, and Meridian, with a bit of random Jack and Sam friendship and pre-series Teal'c and Bra'tac thrown in for good measure. Rated G.

All in the Timing. The team may be waiting, but Daniel's not ready to rush things. Teal'c, as always, trumps everyone else. Rated G. 1,015 words.

Canon vs. Fanon, part 20: Infirmary fanon, part 2. Latest part of an ongoing (if infrequent) series that contrasts common fanon with actual canon.
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Title: Taking Tally
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Rating: PG for Goa'uld atrocities
Pairing: none
Categories: Jack, Daniel, Teal'c, angst, drama, episode related
Word Count: 4,350
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

SG-1 doesn't always win. It's a good thing they have each other to help pick up the pieces. Jack POV, Daniel-centric, Teal'c awesomeness. Set in S2 immediately after Secrets, with spoilers for that episode.

Taking Tally
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Title: Out of Step
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Categories: Janet, team, crackfic
Word Count: ~1,020
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

Summary: Janet wants to know how SG-1 managed to land Daniel in the infirmary this time! Rated G. Set before Proving Ground, but with no spoilers.

Out of Step
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Title: Sleep Guardian
Category: Character study. Ficlet. Drama. Gen.
Spoilers/Warnings: Set anytime with established SG-1; G rated (no warnings)
Word Count: ~200

Teal'c watched the younger man as he slept...
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Title: Attitude of the Knife
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Categories: team, drama, humor
Word Count: ~2,400
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

Summary: Team in trouble, and Wonder Twins in classic geek mode. It's irritating when Jack can't tell if they're doing it to be annoying or just because they're geeks.

Happy belated birthday to [personal profile] holdouttrout, and thanks to [personal profile] randomfreshink for the beta!

Attitude of the Knife
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Title: Turn Left at the Lintel
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Categories: Jack, team, drama
Word Count: ~1,530
Warnings: none

Summary: It will take flawless teamwork to navigate the Labyrinth and save a teammate's life. Luckily, SG-1 is good at that kind of thing.

Turn Left at the Lintel
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