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Here's the roundup for SG-1 Gen Fic Day. New and older fic links, and LOTS of recs.

Here's the link to the complete SGC Alphabet Soup - over 36,000 words of fic on minor SGC personnel!

And a little extra from me in a pre-series Vala fic here: A Most Successful Treasure Hunt.
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SG-1 Gen Fic Day took place last week. The link takes you to the roundup.

Gen Fic Day included Bra'tac (and Jaffa) Alphabet Soup, 26 gen fics by 23 different authors. The anthology is complete and unabridged, with links to individual journals for feedback.

Eight new gen recs posted this month: you can either go straight to [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec and browse, or choose from the links here.
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[community profile] sg1genrecs is currently running Vala recs under the valuable Vala theme. If you know of some good gen Vala fics, we'd love to see them recced -- and if you're celebrating Mother's Day today, why not rec a story about Vala's relationship with Adria? (Admittedly more dysfunctional than most mother-daughter relationships...)

Bra'tac (and Jaffa) Alphabet Soup is currently open for signups. About half the letters have been claimed. If you are interested in writing a minimum of 100 words on Bra'tac or any other Jaffa (including OCs or Teal'c within the context of the Jaffa rather than SG-1) by the end of June, please comment at this post on LJ (the anthology will be archived here on DW).
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In the rec department: [community profile] sg1genrecs had twenty recs by four different reccers over April, with another eight gen recs at [personal profile] figs_sg1_rec, in a variety of categories.

In the fic department: On the Outside, Looking In: Season Three. Episode-related drabbles from the perspective of an outsider or a minor character. All gen, PG.

In the podfic department: [personal profile] colls generously podficced two of my stories. The podfics are archived at AO3: X is for X-Files (Sam and Jonas) and Where the Future is Being Made Today (A Muppet Show crossover).

Finally, in the coming-soon department, a new SG-1 Gen Fic Day is planned for the end of June, complete with Bra'tac (and Jaffa) Alphabet Soup. I am currently seeking one-word prompts. You are making no commitment by submitting suggestions, so if you'd like to contribute a prompt or four, please go here.
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Signups for Cam Alphabet Soup are now live. Letters can be claimed over at LJ (to avoid accidental simultaneous requests for the same letter), but the Soup will be archived in full here on Dreamwidth. If you're interested in writing at least 100 words of gen fic on canon Cam, please join us!

I'm not familiar with any Cam-specific comms, but if you know of any, please leave me a link here (or boost the signal yourself).

And as a reminder, [community profile] sg1genrecs is still running the female friendship fics theme. If you're interested in contributing (you don't need to be a member of the comm to post), please follow the link.
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[community profile] sg1genrecs has a new rec theme: female friendship fics. If you're interested in contributing (you don't need to be a member of the comm to post), please follow the link.

A short Teal'c and Jack early friendship piece, rated G: Guidance.

I forgot to link this fic from a while back: Five Crossovers that Didn't Happen to SG-1. What if they'd been sent back (or forward) to a different time period than 1969? 2,950 words. Rated PG.

A round-up of two months' worth of gen recs: Sha're, Sam and Daniel friendship, and Five Things.
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For All Your Beauty Needs - humorous gen fic in which matriarchal planets aren't as much fun as Sam expects, Teal'c is his usual awesome self, Daniel has way too much fun being snarky, and Jack gets his comeuppance for Simarka. PG.

Roundup of recs from June, with a few extra links thrown in.

SG-1 Friendathon has gone live!

[community profile] sg1genrecs completed the lost episode theme run and has now started a new one: Jack friendship recs.
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I recced four SG-1 fics last month, at [community profile] fancake and [community profile] sg1genrecs:

'Good Morning, Penthesilea' by Stultiloquentia (Daniel/Jack, genderswitch, adult)

'To Speed Where There Is Space Enough' by Lokei (Daniel/Jack, fusion with McCaffrey's Pern, mature)

'Operator' by Salieri (Daniel/Jack, fusion with The Matrix, teen)

'1970' by pip (Daniel and Sam friendship, '1969' AU, all ages)
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I recced SG-1 at [community profile] fanart_recs last month. The SG-1 fandom tag at the comm will bring up those four recs plus any other SG-1 recs that have posted since, and here's a listing of just my four June recs posted to [community profile] sg_art (one Daniel/Jack, one Sam/Vala, one Daniel/Vala, and one team gen that can be interpreted as Jack/Sam).
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My regular monthly round-up, including links to fics and recs, can be be found here.

Today is the last day for offering prompts for the [community profile] sg1friendathon. You may leave screened gen prompts here, with no commitment for further participation.

[community profile] sg1genrecs is still running the awesome women theme. There have been lots of fantastic recs, but we're still looking for more!
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Monthly round-up of fics and recs can be found here.

It's Jonas Quinn's turn in the Speaking of SG-1 series. I'm looking for gen drabble prompts. Please leave your prompt here.
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I am currently offering gen Teal'c drabbles. You can comment with a prompt here.

This is the last week for kidfic recs at [community profile] sg1genrecs. If you are interested in reccing a favorite gen kidfic, you'll find more details here. You don't need to be a member to post.

My March roundup of fics and recs can be found here.
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Pawn's Promotion: The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas. Set in late S2, after an AU Secrets in which Sha're makes it safely back to Earth and is freed by Thor's Hammer on Cimmeria. 2,910 words. Rated PG.

L is for L-Space: Crossover with Discworld. Daniel takes a wrong turn in an off-world library and strays through L-Space to Unseen University. ~1,715 words. Rated PG.

Tuesday was SG-1 Gen Fic Day with an emphasis on crossovers. The Alphabet Soup anthology is still incomplete, but a roundup of new fic, older links, and recs can be found here.
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Five ep-related drabbles on the guys of the Gate: Previously, on Stargate SG-1, part 2. Rated G.

November's monthly roundup includes links to posted fics and meta entries as well as ten gen recs.
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A short gen character study of Jack, on the nature of geeks and the usefulness of tac vests: Vested Interest. Includes spoilers for Heroes, with all the warning that entails. ~730 words. Rated PG.

Round-up of two months' worth of fic recs, fic, and general fandom squee.
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On July 8th, we celebrated Daniel Jackson's birthday with SG-1 Gen Fic Day and Team Alphabet Soup.

Gen Fic Day: an organized round-up of all the fic, vids, and recs submitted, both here on DW and on LJ.

Team Alphabet Soup: an anthology of over 36,000 words of teamy goodness by 26 different authors, complete with links to individual authors' journals for leaving feedback.
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[community profile] sg1genrecs has just finished a run of crackfic recs and is now looking for recs for gen time travel fics. You can find the roundup of crackfic recs and further details on reccing time travel fics at this entry. If you've got a good fic to rec, please join us and help spread the squee!

Comm rules and official posting format can be found at the FAQ.
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A round-up of various recent links:

[personal profile] figs_sg1_rec had ten new recs in May: four Teal'c and Daniel friendship, and six on Jonas Quinn.

Discussion on what makes a good crossover work and thoughts on the S7 episode Lifeboat.

Call for prompts for upcoming Team Alphabet Soup.

Sha're fic, mostly gen with a bit of Daniel/Sha're: Breathless. Four times Sha're caught her breath, and one time she didn't.
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[community profile] sg1genrecs has just started a new theme: apocafic. It's time to rec all those stories where the Earth (or another planet) goes boom and life continues anyway (or doesn't). Disasters on-world or off-world, with or without death counts, AUs or alternate timelines, Goa'uld or Ori or even self-inflicted - if you have a favorite story that is apocafic and gen, please join us at [community profile] sg1genrecs and spread the squee.

Comm rules and official posting format can be found at the FAQ.
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Forty-two SG-1 fic recs composed over several stints at [ profile] stargateficrec (in 2008 and 2009 in the categories Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Daniel/Jack, and Jack/Sara) archived at [personal profile] advection:

Daniel | Daniel&Janet | Daniel/Sha're | Jack | Jack/Sara
Jack/Daniel | Jack&Daniel | Jack&Sam | Jack/Sam | Team


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