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This calendar year marked a decade of regular reccing for me: over 1,000 fics, nearly all gen. I celebrated by highlighting ten (or more) favorite recs from each 12-month period. You can browse through the recs by following the ten years of reccing tag.
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Last week was SG-1 Gen Fic Day.

This roundup will give you links to fics, recs, and the complete Kidfic Alphabet Soup.
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Over at my journal, we are celebrating SG-1 Gen Fic Day again! The theme of the day (including Alphabet Soup) is kidfic, but any kind of new fic, older fic, flashfic, recs, self-recs, meta, picspam, icons, vids, and general squee is welcome, as long as it's gen and related to SG-1.

There actually still a letter or two left, if you want to play with the Soup. And if you want to simply contribute by linking to a favorite gen fic of yours, that's wonderful, too!

Go to this entry and join us. :)
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Kidfic Alphabet Soup is still missing several cooks. If you are interested in writing at least 100 words of gen kidfic (the gen interpretation is strict, but the kidfic interpretation can be as broad as you'd like), please comment at this entry so you can get a letter.

I have written an appetizer to the Soup, which was supposed to be a bit fluffy and veered rather abruptly into horror with a dose of angst. You can read it here: Camouflage.
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FAQ: (LJ | DW)| Schedule: (LJ | DW) | Claiming: (LJ p1 p2 | DW)

Tok'ra Kree! is a prompt-a-thon centered around the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1.
We got 201 prompts for round 9! SG-1 (177), 13 were for SGA, 5 were for any show, and 4 are crossovers with other fandoms.
In addition there were 2 prompts for Stargate the Lost Colony. There were no prompts for SGU this time.
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Prompts are being taken now for Jack/Daniel Ficathon XIII.

There will also be an After Party for related works.

Prompting open until May 31.
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FAQ (LJ | DW) | Schedule (LJ | DW) | Prompting (LJ | DW)

Tok'ra Kree! is a prompt-a-thon centered around the Tok'ra from Stargate SG-1,
but we are also open to SGA and SGU. In addition we allow crossovers.
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FAQ: (LJ | DW)| Schedule: (LJ | DW) | Claiming: (LJ | DW)

Due to overlap with several other fic-a-thons, claiming has been extended until March 1st.

Posting will be March 1st - March 14th.

Go here to claim one of our 161 prompts! There is a great variety of characters, pairings, and shows!
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FAQ: (LJ | DW)| Schedule: (LJ | DW) | Claiming: (LJ | DW)  

Tok'ra Kree! is a prompt-a-thon based on the Tok'ra from the TV show Stargate SG-1. 

For round 8 we got 161 prompts. Mostly SG1 (122), but there were 25  for SGA, 
3 for SGU, 2 for any show, and 9 crossovers with other  non-Stargate fandoms/RPF.
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Title: The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything [link goes to AO3]
Authors: [personal profile] greenbirds and [personal profile] ivorygates (in no particular order)
Fandoms: SG-1 and SGA, with the very tiniest dash of NCIS and NCIS:LA
Category: Gen (pretty much: mostly plotty, nothing explicit)
Notes: AU: Canon divergence ; AU: genderswap; set in [personal profile] greenbirds' and [personal profile] ivorygates' Joker'verse
Word count: 44,255

Summary: Disclosure's coming, and Danielle Jackson is about to become an international celebrity. But first, she'd like to take a working vacation on Atlantis in order to locate Janus-the-Ancient's Secret Lab and say "hi" to her friend Merry McKay.

The last thing Merry McKay wants is for Danielle Jackson, grandstanding glory-hog, to come to Atlantis to screw up Merry's life again: Dr. Jackson undoubtedly has some nefarious purpose for coming, and one of the attractions of living in the City of the Ancients is that Merry is 320 million light years away from Earth.

The Joker'verse version of SGA S05e10 and SGA S05e11, written for the 2015 Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang Challenge. It falls in between "Said the Joker to the Thief" and "At Midnight All the Agents," but you don't actually need to have read either one of them.

WARNING: People say "f***" a lot in this story (except without the strategically-placed asterisks). Especially Merry.

[personal profile] magnavox_23 provided us with stunning art, including this cover. The rest can be found here.

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Halloween is the best time of year for reading stories that offer pulse pounding thrills, blood curdling dread and hair-raising horror. If you've ever wanted to write a story that can chill someone to their toes, come join us at [personal profile] spook_me (or spook_me) for the thrill of a lifetime!

All fandoms are welcome. Stories can be Gen, Het or Slash. All ratings are accepted. Sign-ups close on Sept. 13th, so you've only got a week left!

NOTE:  To try and keep this post as focused on SG-1 as possible, I'd like to offer up links to the two SG-1 stories I've written for Spook Me in past years:

Never a Dull Moment (Jack/Daniel, NC17, Tentacle Fic, slash)

Jack O'Neill, Sex God (Jack/Daniel & Sam/Jo, NC17, Aliens Make Them Do It - A Lot, slash & femslash)

Thanks so much to the Maintainers of this comm for allowing me to make this post.  

Feel free to pimp [personal profile] spook_me to as many places as you can think of! *g*

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Today is Gen Fic Day over at my journal. We would love to see links to new fic, older fic, recs, meta, picspam, icons, vids - anything, as long as it's gen and related to SG-1. Shameless self-promotion is cheerfully encouraged. The theme of the day is off-world, although fanworks can involve any subject. Please go here and join us!
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FAQ (LJ | DW)| Schedule (LJ | DW) | Claiming (LJ | DW)
[community profile] tokra_kree || [ profile] tokra_kree || [ profile] tokra-kree

Only 2 people have claimed a prompt, but there is still one whole month left to claim one of our 250 interesting prompts!

Claiming is open until July 24th 2015, and you have until August 7 to write a fic (at least 500 words) or create some art (manips, icons, banners, drawings, paintings...) Check out to rules to see the requirements!

Remember, fic/art can be any rating (G to NC-17), and gen, het, slash, femslash, poly... Any and all pairings (or none) are welcome! Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, the movies, as well as crossovers are welcome.

One or more Tok'ra must play a major part in the fanwork and not just be there as a convenient source of information, a way to get a spaceship, someone to blame, or similar. They do not, however, have to be one of the main character(s).
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The Alphabet Soup series has been an ongoing, semi-regular gen ficathon for years now. This summer is the twentieth one, featuring stories that take place off-world.

There are still two letters left to claim. If you are interested in writing at least 100 words of gen fic that takes place, please comment at this link to sign up. The Soups are archived here on DW, but signups are on LJ; if that's a problem for you, comment here and I'll be happy to assist.
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Signups are now open for this slash ficathon. Here is the post with details.

After the stories post, any fan artist is invited to make complementary fanworks for the stories (if the individual author has given permission) and announce them at [community profile] jd_ficathon.

New artists and writers always welcome!

Signups are open until June 7 and the stories will be due July 26. Additional fanworks are due Sept. 7.
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The Alphabet Soup series are semi-regular SG-1 fic fests, in which authors contribute gen stories based on the letters of the alphabet and a common theme. Links to previous Soups can be found here.

The 19th Alphabet Soup, scheduled to go live on March 2nd, is based on Time Travel. If you are interested on writing at least 100 words of time travel gen fic about SG-1, please go to this link on LJ and claim a letter. New cooks are always welcome!

(Please note: signups are on LJ only to prevent multiple claims on the same letter, but the anthology is hosted here on DW. If you cannot comment on an LJ entry, go here instead and we'll work it out.)

Signups for Time Travel Alphabet Soup


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