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Title: The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything [link goes to AO3]
Authors: [personal profile] greenbirds and [personal profile] ivorygates (in no particular order)
Fandoms: SG-1 and SGA, with the very tiniest dash of NCIS and NCIS:LA
Category: Gen (pretty much: mostly plotty, nothing explicit)
Notes: AU: Canon divergence ; AU: genderswap; set in [personal profile] greenbirds' and [personal profile] ivorygates' Joker'verse
Word count: 44,255

Summary: Disclosure's coming, and Danielle Jackson is about to become an international celebrity. But first, she'd like to take a working vacation on Atlantis in order to locate Janus-the-Ancient's Secret Lab and say "hi" to her friend Merry McKay.

The last thing Merry McKay wants is for Danielle Jackson, grandstanding glory-hog, to come to Atlantis to screw up Merry's life again: Dr. Jackson undoubtedly has some nefarious purpose for coming, and one of the attractions of living in the City of the Ancients is that Merry is 320 million light years away from Earth.

The Joker'verse version of SGA S05e10 and SGA S05e11, written for the 2015 Stargate: SG-1 Big Bang Challenge. It falls in between "Said the Joker to the Thief" and "At Midnight All the Agents," but you don't actually need to have read either one of them.

WARNING: People say "f***" a lot in this story (except without the strategically-placed asterisks). Especially Merry.

[personal profile] magnavox_23 provided us with stunning art, including this cover. The rest can be found here.

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