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New gen fic: Crossing the Line. ~1,200 words. PG. Ra may have punished Nagada, but Sha'uri isn't ready to abandon her newfound knowledge just yet. An expanded scene from Stargate: the Movie.

Also, we're having Allies Alphabet Soup next month, and the letter G has still not been claimed. If you're interested in writing at least 100 words of gen fic on one of the SGC's allies by February 18th, please go to the claims post over on LJ and put that poor G out of its misery. :)
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Title: Of Human Bondage
Author: Sid
Rating: PG
Pairing or Character: Sha're, Amaunet/Apophis
Warnings: non-con
Word Count: 200
Summary: A double drabble set early in Season One. The first half came to me while I was reading a fanfic that mentioned Sha're, and the second half came to me after I wrote the first half, because there had to be more. Point and counterpoint...

on LJ
on DW
at AO3
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Pawn's Promotion: The NID think Sam and Sha're would make fine experimental subjects. Sam and Sha're have other ideas. Set in late S2, after an AU Secrets in which Sha're makes it safely back to Earth and is freed by Thor's Hammer on Cimmeria. 2,910 words. Rated PG.

L is for L-Space: Crossover with Discworld. Daniel takes a wrong turn in an off-world library and strays through L-Space to Unseen University. ~1,715 words. Rated PG.

Tuesday was SG-1 Gen Fic Day with an emphasis on crossovers. The Alphabet Soup anthology is still incomplete, but a roundup of new fic, older links, and recs can be found here.
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Title: Read Between the Lines
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Categories: Sha're, pre-series, character study
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Word count: 2,540
Warnings: none

Summary: When Sha'uri discovers forbidden drawings beneath the tunnels of Nagada, she must decide whether or not they carry any meaning.

Author's Notes: This serves as a companion piece/prequel to another Sha'uri fic, Line in the Sand.

My thanks to Random, who did extra beta duty and was her usual stellar self.

Read Between the Lines
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A round-up of various recent links:

[personal profile] figs_sg1_rec had ten new recs in May: four Teal'c and Daniel friendship, and six on Jonas Quinn.

Discussion on what makes a good crossover work and thoughts on the S7 episode Lifeboat.

Call for prompts for upcoming Team Alphabet Soup.

Sha're fic, mostly gen with a bit of Daniel/Sha're: Breathless. Four times Sha're caught her breath, and one time she didn't.
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Title: Customary
Author: Sid
Pairing: Jack/Daniel/Sha're
Rating: R for nudity and innuendo
Word count: 2120
Written for the Stargate Beyond OTP ficathon at [ profile] sg1_beyond_otp, to the prompts: Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill/Sha're: an untraditional happy ending; what if Jack had stayed on Abydos after the movie?

read 'Customary' at my DW
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Title: Life Must Go On
Author: Paian
632 words, Jack and Daniel friendship, post-'Forever in a Day'
Response to today's prompt at [community profile] dailyprompt.

Life Must Go On

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Two gen fics written this week: the first is fluffy and teamy, the second multi-character and a bit heavy on the angst.

Checklist. 730 words. G. Whatever happened to Jack's rule that the team should stick to rations off-world? Jack, evil Wonder Twins, and Teal'c pwnage. Set some time in S1 after Brief Candle, but no real spoilers.

Softly Through the Seasons. 1,000 words. G. Ten drabbles, ten women, ten years of Stargate. All are episode related; the first nine are canon, and the last one could be. Specific spoilers included with each drabble.
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Title: A Matter of Preference
Author: Fig Newton ([personal profile] fignewton)
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Categories: Sha're, Amanuet, angst
Word Count: ~440
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. They all belong to their respective copyright holders.

The gulf between Sha're's former life and her experience as Amaunet's host is vast beyond imagining. Rated G. Set sometime in Season One, with no spoilers outside of Sha're's predicament.

A Matter of Preference


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